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"Der Kongress der Pflanzen" ("The Congress of Plants")-
a fictional choreobotanical
scenario by YET Company


17th/18th/19th of September 2024
Theater Fadenschein, Braunschweig

24th/25th/26th of October 2024
Theaterhaus Hildesheim

7th/8th/9th of November 2024,
WERKRAUM Göttingen

14th/15th/16th of November 2024
Theater im Pavillon, Hannover

We admire the bouquet of flowers on the table and enjoy the shade of the trees in summer. But if a tree grows in the wrong place, it is cut down.

We often treat plants as objects. If we could listen to them, what impact would this have on human-botanical relations?

The dance production "Der Kongress der Pflanzen" ("The Congress of Plants") gives plants a stage. Three dancers act as hosts, come into contact with them and thus constantly create new more-than-human constellations.

Concept: Fabian Cohn and Dominka Cohn / YET Company
Choreography: Fabian Cohn
Dance: Sarah Altherr, Bettina Paletta, Linda Withelm
Music composition and music production: Emre Kesim
Costume and stage design: Romina Medrano
Dramaturgy: Dominika Cohn
Production: Fabian Cohn, Kristel Döhring


YET Company
Dominika Cohn & Fabian Cohn
Rankestraße 23
D – 38102 Braunschweig
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YET Company was founded in 2010 by choreographer Fabian Cohn and choreographer and dance scholar Dr. Dominika Cohn.
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