Premiere: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Involving four professional dancers and four people in wheelchairs, “Encounters” deals with human encounters by using the means of contemporary dance. “Encounters” is a piece about distance and proximity; a piece that asks how people’s paths can cross, how we as humans can approach each other and how we can overcome differences that distance us from others. „Encounters“ will ask what happens when people with different preconditions and backgrounds converge and connect. Which new possibilities can arise?

Choreography: Fabian Cohn
Performance: B.Bat-Ulzii, M. Bolor-Uyanga, S. Ariunbat, D. Selengee, TS. Undarmaa, P. Munkhbaatar, B. Batchimeg, E. Erdenekhuu
Sound: TS. Davaajargal
Production: SWINGING WHEELCHAIR, joint project by Bidchadna NGO and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation


Premiere: ASEM Villa Theatre, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia