A dance piece about the possibilities of being together

Following the audience success of “Vivant!”, “ensemble” is the second part of the YET Company trilogy. “ensemble” is a full-length contemporary dance production involving artists from Bern and Berlin. 5 dancers and an experimental musician deal with the theme of being together in an abstract and purely physical way: dynamic, haptic and acoustic. “ensemble” addresses being together as a fragile state that is subject to constant change and explores the limits of what we have in common. Constantly changing constellations, formations and intensities make the fragility of human togetherness tangible in condensed form and open up space for associations and personal reflections.

"The quiet poetry of the objective movement makes «Ensemble» a gem. [...] In the best moments, the play with illusion and reality develops a beguiling pull. The imagination in the head begins to blossom."

Marianne Mühlemann
tanz | Zeitschrift für Ballet, Tanz und Performance

Choreography and Production Management: Fabian Cohn und Dominika Cohn
Dance: Anja Kolmanics, Anna Heinimann, Flurin Kappenberger, Johannes Stubenvoll, Susanne Mayer
Sound/Performance: Wieland Möller
Light Design: Ole Schwarz
Costume: Noélie Verdier
Production: YET Company
Production Assistant: Alexander Krupp


Shows 2015
Tojo Theater, Bern
Uferstudios, Berlin