FADENSPIELE (String figures)

A participatory dance production by YET Company in coproduction with LOT-Theater Braunschweig

As humans, we often feel independent and see ourselves as individuals. But we are dependent on other people, plants, living beings and materials. Would we behave differently if we were more aware of this connection?

„Fadenspiele“ (String figures)
invites you to become part of a constantly changing choreographic sculpture. Three performers dance, supple and delicate, through a room-filling installation made of elastic bands. They interact with the room - and also with the audience: a shared choreography is created from mutual movement, from careful pulling and wrapping. "Fadenspiele" makes it possible to experience an understanding of the world as a network in a playful and physical way: a world as a web in which we as people are connected to each other, but also to all other beings and materials like mycelium.

Choreography: Fabian Cohn
Dance: Anna Degen, Manuel Exposito, Valeria Liptschanskaja
Music: Heiko Tubbesing
Stage design: Sina Heffner
Costume: Bettina von Essen
Dramaturgy: Dominika Cohn
Production Assistant: Jette Blume


Shows 2022
LOT-Theater Braunschweig
Werkraum Göttingen (boat people projekt)
theater wrede+ Oldenburg,
Theaterhaus Hildesheim