The choreography of the German-Swiss co-production deals with the vitality of the human body. We understand the "body" as a multiplicity, as a multiple and open structure. We explore the question of what makes individual body parts, layers and organs alive and how a perception of human physicality can be opened up beyond functionality and representation.

"Never have the Uferstudios in Berlin been so full of young audiences. […] The intelligence of the two choreographers is on a par with the spirit of the times: no revolution, just unadulterated bodies. No demands, rather freedom for the blossoming imagination."

Arnd Weseman
tanz | Zeitschrift für Ballet, Tanz und Performance

Choreography und Production Management: Fabian Cohn, Dominika Cohn
Dance: Anna Heinimann, Anja Kolmanics, Angela Mainetti, Rahel Maria Neuenschwander, Marie Schmieder
Composition / Sound Design: Heiko Tubbesing, Martin Zadak
Light Design: Ole Schwarz
Costume: Noélie Verdier
Production: YET Company
Production Assistants: Finja Böhack, Lisa Pfoh


Shows 2014:
Uferstudios, Berlin
Tojo Theater, Bern